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About Us

"we do it better"

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Portfolio Portugal, Lda. is a company established in 2015 but with decades of know-how from its Board of Directors.

Even though we are based in Portugal, we are present in several other countries, like Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Egypt, Gambia, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Malta, Mozambique, Oman, Panama, Poland, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

Our core business is to provide consultancy services in Public Procurement. We work on both sides: we advise private companies on how to present their offers to a Public Tender and we are also required by public institutions to help them launch their public procedures in a legal manner.

We are also often required to help in the establishment of cooperation protocols between companies and, even, between governmental institutions.

In fact, due to our extensive network of contacts, we are often asked to build bridges between companies and clients throughout the world.

Therefore, if you are a manufacturer, we’ll probably be able to present your product or service to a new and potential market and, on the other hand, if you are a customer looking for a specific product or service we’ll probably be able to present you to one of the best companies to fulfill your needs.

That’s why we say: one partner – all the solutions.

And remember, “we do it better”.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Luis Bastos


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